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Löser Messtechnik

Since more than 35 years Löser Messtechnik develops and produces in Berlin-Spandau Osmometers and Cryometers for medical, biological and chemical Laboratories. The company is led by Axel Löser, who continues the Osmometer-Tradition of his father after finishing studies and 7 years of professional practice for different companies. We are not only in Germany but also present in many countries worldwide.



Alphie Mixer
Alphie 20L
Alphie 3L Alphie 120L

3 Dimensional Mixer

Alphie mixer are ideal for homogeneous mixing of powder – be it with different bulk density or different proportion of mixing or different shape and particle size. The best part is, separate and detachable mixing drum / container / bin is loaded inside the mixing cage, meaning no cross contamination and exposure to work environment.



Contained Air Solutions (CAS)
Class 2 isolator


Contained Air Solutions (CAS) was launched in 2007 by the former management team of Medical Air Technology Containment and Services Limited (MAT).
Retaining MAT’s core design, technical and engineering staff helped Contained Air Solutions create the largest team of clean air product design and technical engineers currently serving the UK market.
Subsequently CAS has become a UK market leader in the field of clean air and containment products and services, providing a comprehensive range of class 1 safety cabinets and class 2 cabinets, including microbiological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, pharmaceutical isolators, containment booths, robotic enclosures and more.

Phone : +90.212.351.44.00
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